5'5" Basketball Player Uses These Techniques to Learn How to Dunk a Basketball

Published: 02nd November 2009
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Anyone who knows anything about basketball knows the difference in the players. As basketball fans we tend to categorize the players by whether or not they can dunk. Let's face it, watching a player dunk a basketball is exciting. For some it's the amazement of watching the player defy vertical limits that many of us have. For others it's just the pure "in your face" and "take that" that the persona of a dunk exemplifies. Spectators love to watch it, while many of them are wishing that only they could do it.

Continue reading this article and we'll show you how even a 5'5" player learned how to dunk.

In order to dunk a basketball, you must learn how to jump vertically and gain the right kind of height that is necessary. While some people may not have to jump very high, many people have their physical height working against them; however, 5 ft 7 in. Spud Webb could dunk in the NBA with the rest of them.

In order to learn how to dunk, you must increase your physical ability to vertically jump. The more you practice and train the more you can improve the height of your jump. To begin with there are a few basic things that you can do.

* Always warm up and stretch before any practice session or ball game. You want to stretch your muscles out in order for them to be more flexible. Tight muscles can and will hold you back, while loose muscles are ready to get the party started.

* Any jumping activity can help to improve your vertical jump. Find a couple of good exercises that allow for the jumping motion or the stretching of your leg muscles. For example, the pylometric exercise, squats (incorporate the use of weights in order to increase muscle strength in the legs), and the use of a jump rope are three of the top exercises.

* When performing the squats, or other exercises you have to make sure that you are performing them right. By performing the exercise accordingly, you will be able to make sure that you are completely taking advantage of the benefits that come along with the exercise. For example, the extension of the muscles to the fullest, the flexion of the muscles, and more.

* Make sure to work on both the upper leg muscles, as well as your calves. Having one strong muscle group will hinder your vertical jump abilities. Training to learn how to dunk should include a variety of leg exercises. Each leg group, with increased strength and ability, can easily had extra inches to your vertical jump; however, if you only have powerful thighs, but not calves you won't be able to jump as high as you would in both groups were powerful.

* The key to strength training in your legs in order to increase your vertical jump is that you do not overwork the muscles. Make sure to alternate the training routine to incorporate a heavy exercise day, no workout at all, and a light exercise day. Overworking your leg muscles will not let the muscles perform at optimal levels. In sense, give them a break at times by alternating the routine of exercises in order to increase your vertical jump to its fullest potential.

* Standing around jumping won't work. With every jump that you do you have to have the mental game turned on. Make sure that you focus on trying to increase the height with every jump. Studies about this topic have been performed, and they show that by focusing on increasing the height of the jump each time, you will achieve 10-20% more height on average.

If you want to learn how to dunk, then follow the advice that has been given in this article. You know in your mind what you have to do; however, you have to get your body in the condition to do it. If a 5ft 7in person like Spud Webb can dunk a basketball with the many 6ft and 7ft players, then it is possible for anyone to learn how to dunk. Keep practicing and performing the exercises and use weights where possible. Once you get those leg muscles in shape, you will learn how to dunk and the sky is the limit, literally.

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